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Why KEP online

The private KEP "" was founded in order to handle bureaucratic affairs of citizens, concerning public services and organizations.

We achieve this in two ways:

  • by our physical presence in public services,
  • through the electronic platforms created by the state.

We aim to free you from bureaucracy and waste of valuable time. We facilitate you to the fullest extent to solve any issue you may have in any public service.

The quality of our services and the speed with which we handle every case are our main characteristics.

You can see this by reading our customer reviews here: Customer Reviews 

With a simple authorization or power of attorney (where necessary) we can carry out any paperwork that may arise.

Public services, special registry office, social security funds, ministries, court of justice, court of first instance, general accounting office, tax offices, municipalities, embassies, etc. are some of our company's areas of activity.

Because we do not like to remain stagnant and the development in the field of services is a basic principle of our office's operation, we have created a fully qualified team of scientists - freelancers (accountants, lawyers, notaries, civil engineers, etc.) and now we do not limit ourselves only to the processing of cases in various public services, but we offer solutions through our partners, to any problem that may arise and concerns the above sectors.

All you have to do is to contact us and tell us the work you want us to carry out for you.

We for our part are committed to carry out any of your case, with absolute discretion , in the fastest possible time and at the lowest possible cost!